Leather Naturally &
Patricia Nash Designs

Patricia Nash Designs is proud to announce its membership in Leather Naturally, the global voice for the leather industry to promote the use of certified, responsibly made leather by providing trusted facts and inspiration for customers, designers and brands.

Leather Naturally’s educational and promotional activities focus on leathers made from hides and skins that are a by-product from the food industry that would otherwise mostly be turned into waste. Responsibly made leather is a valuable alternative for oil-based products such as plastics – including PVC and Polyester – adding value to an important renewable material, via efficient and modern processing techniques.  
Leather Naturally believes that the promotion of sustainably made leathers supports a continuous effort and the development of best practices supporting a circular economy. Moreover, it facilitates dialogues between the leather upstream supply chain, manufacturers and consumers.  
Their website is a resource that anyone can access to obtain balanced information about the leather industry. We highly recommend perusing their Fact Sheets that discuss the benefits of and anything else you want to know about leather.

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