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About Patricia Nash

Inspired by Discovery, Patricia Nash draws on her extensive travels and fond memories of cherished people and places.

Patricia Nash has been designing handbags for other brands her entire career spanning over 20 years. During that time, she honed her expertise designing accessories for a wide range of global brands from Disney and Warner Bros. to Banana Republic, Express, and American Eagle to name a few. Finally, inspired by a bag she found in her mother’s closet, Patricia set out to launch Patricia Nash Designs in 2010. She was met with an overwhelmingly positive response, and in just a few short years has extended her brand to large department stores like Macy’s, Dillard’s and Lord & Taylor, as well as selling live on TV and online at the highly regarded Home Shopping Network (HSN).

Patricia continues to be constantly inspired by her love for family, passion for travel and the memories she’s gained along the way. The details and methods in each product are meticulous, adhering to old world craftsmanship and techniques like hand-dying, hand-cutting, hand-sewing, with hand-burned edges and a hand-embossed logo. When asked about her career, Patricia says, “I absolutely can’t imagine doing anything else. This is my passion, and it excites me every day.”

Our Brand Philosophy

Our brand is founded upon and guided by three core principles:

  1. Quality

    Our products are lovingly designed with premium materials and are assembled using old-world techniques that have existed for hundreds of years.

  2. Originality

    Inspired by memories with family, unforgettable surroundings, travel, and a joy for life, each Patricia Nash product is a unique piece of artistry designed to exude warmth and beauty.

  3. People

    Ultimately, our brand is not about products; it’s about the people who experience them. Whether our products inspire a thirst for travel or a heartfelt gift, we recognize that life is about the memories we share with those we love.

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