Holiday 2021 Lookbook

Welcome to Knoxville, Tennessee, the place we call home. Knoxville is so welcoming, to new and old friends, especially for the holidays, we thought this was the place to introduce our Holiday 2021 collection.

Drawing inspiration from a vintage map of Europe Patricia ran across from the 1760s, she is so excited to launch her European Map print. Using hand painted strokes along with a distressed patina finish on leather, the new map design is a breathtaking beauty.

Luxurious vintage leathers and always favorite, artisan tooling styles are here in new hues. A lovely romantic floral, travel-inspired print, and glamorous trending snakeskin designs are all fantastically executed on our supple leathers. Plus new statement jewelry, belts, and scarves are here to add instant charm to any look this holiday season! Thank you for being a part of our journey!

The Abingdon is shown in European Map print

Introducing our Holiday 2021 Collection – Patricia shares her inspiring prints, artisan tooling, and luxurious vintage leathers in new rich hues. Plus new statement jewelry. Take a look at our new and coming styles!

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Ledra Bucket and Scarf are here in European Map print

Kicking off our holiday preview is our European Map print, our newest vintage print showing Patricia’s passion for travel. Embellished with warm hues and a distressed patina finish.

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The Nela and new Gwynne are shown in Vintage Vegetable Tanned Leather

Recreated to look and feel as it was two-hundred years ago in Great Britain, the elevated leather in this collection is carefully hand-stained to create rich, dark hues and an elegant soft glaze.

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The Patricia’s Memories Bracelet is shown with the Handbag Earrings

Inspired by some of Patricia's fondest memories, each charm on this Multi Charm Bracelet has special meaning to her. Enjoy Patricia's memories while making your own!

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The Otavia Bucket, Ninetta, and Canisi in Burnished Cutout Tooled are shown

This collection is crafted in our supple, vintage vegetable tanned leather and features intricate hand-tooling cutouts that display a metallic background.

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The Cassis Wallet is here with the Zancona in Multi Python

Inspired by the snakeskin-print fashion trend, this exotic python print on luxurious, full-grain leather is updated with bold color to make a gorgeous, elevated statement.

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The Milano Duffel and Luzille Backpack are shown in Vintage Travel Sticker

This print was inspired by vintage trunks and suitcases Patricia collected, each adorned with stickers from places all over the world, like conversations yearning to be shared.

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The Paris satchel, Mabilia and Micaela are shown

The roses in the English countryside inspired Patricia to update our favorite Rose Tooling collection with vintage vegetable tanned leather in new colors.

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The new Chain Mail and Renaissance jewelry collections are here

These new glamorous jewelry styles will have you ready for all your holiday celebrations. The artisan details are showcased in matching golden styles.

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The Ledra Bucket and Brailes Satchel are shown in Vintage Victorian Garden 

This print is our newest floral, inspired by vintage fashion design and the beautiful rose gardens of the English countryside that Patricia visited.

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The holidays are on the way to Knoxville, TN!

Welcome to Knoxville, Tennessee, the place we call home and where we shot our Holiday 2021 collection. We hope our new collections give you joy and have you looking forward to new discoveries with these luxurious leathers and travel inspired prints! We look forward to having you visit!

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