Our Sunglasses

Each pair of Patricia Nash frames is created in a California design studio to Patricia's meticulous specifications. The process for crafting our sunglasses is seamless from start to finish, with careful attention to detail and expert quality from each cut and screw to every subtle nuance.

Our Frames

Cellulose Acetate

We use only cellulose acetate, which is the industry standard material for all high-end optical and fashion eyewear frames. 

Premium Rivet Hinge Hardware

Our frames are constructed with premium rivet hinge hardware with five or seven barrel hinges and lock-tight screws, making them sturdy and long-lasting. 

Wire Core

The wire core construction of our frames allows for an adjustable fit and is typically preferred by opticians. 

Our Lenses
We use premium scratch-resistant lenses with 100% UVA/UVB protection.

G-15 Lenses

These lenses have a grey or green tint, block 85% of visible light, and while they allow 15% of light to pass through, they provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. G-15 lenses ensure better clarity of vision and give your sight a more natural view.

Gradient Lenses

The light transmission rate varies from top to bottom in gradient lenses. They block glare and make it more comfortable to read and engage in activities when outdoors. A good choice for driving, they shield your eyes from overhead sunlight while allowing you to clearly see your dashboard. 

Solid Lenses

Our solid tint lenses have the same density throughout. Typically, they are offered in a grey tint, which is a popular lens tint suitable on both cloudy and sunny days.

Benefits of Cellulose Acetate

Because we use only cellulose acetate lenses and frames, our sunglasses are hypoallergenic so they are less likely to cause allergic reactions. 

Cellulose acetate is an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional plastics made from petroleum. Cellulose is a material found in plants so our sunglasses are crafted from renewable and natural sources.

Cellulose fibers bend fairly easily when force is applied to them, giving them flexibility. Frames made with cellulose acetate are lightweight, comfortable, durable enough to withstand daily wear, and are made to last. 

Designed using some of our most popular prints and styles, our frames are made from colored blocks of cellulose and then layered with multiple sheets. This means the colors and designs are more vibrant and complex than conventional frames where colors are painted or sprayed onto plastic. 

Our acetate frames are hand polished for a deep gloss finish.

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