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Linen Canvas

What To Take Now That You Are Going Places

Patina Coated Linen Canvas Collection

We think this collection is just what you need. 


We are truly feeling blessed to be nearing the end of the pandemic, and now we are thinking about the things we want to do. We are happily reconnecting with friends and family, making new friends, interacting with strangers.

Travel is making a comeback, so we are getting ready and hope you are too. Whether it is simply getting out and about for an afternoon, escaping for a weekend getaway, or taking a long trip, you need a plan, and part of any plan includes what to carry.

You already know that Patricia’s love of travel influences her brand, and the Patina Coated Linen Canvas Collection reflects her experience and expertise in what you need to make the most of your trip. These pieces are water-resistant, lightweight, stylish, and make organization a breeze. 

Take it easy by the pool. There's no need to throw yourself over this bag when the kids and dogs come out of the water. It is truly water-resistant.

Your devices, your ear buds, all your essentials will be safe, snug, and dry, so splash away. 

Go ahead and run those errands. You'll love the lightweight convenience.

Pick the size that works best for you.