Support the Zoo Knoxville

with Our Python Tote

Patricia Nash is a proud supporter of Zoo Knoxville, one of the premiere zoological experiences in the Southeast, sitting in the beautiful Tennessee hills that Patricia calls home.

In collaboration with the Zoo, Patricia designed an exclusive tote to support the Zoo’s new Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) Center. Proceeds from the purchase of this bag save animals from extinction by funding research and conservation of endangered species worldwide. This limited-edition bag celebrates the beauty of the Boelen’s Python. One of the most remote and mysterious places on earth, New Guinea, is home to the secretive Boelen’s Python.

Of immense cultural and spiritual significance, this exceptionally rare and extraordinarily beautiful snake is highly revered by the indigenous tribes of New Guinea. Surrounded by mystique, it appears throughout the local folklore and mythology as a symbol of rebirth, fertility, power, and prosperity. The Boelen print is featured on our Viana tote, the perfect choice for those seeking a polished, functional bag. It’s slim design and long double leather straps make it easy to carry the Viana on your shoulder comfortably.


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