Summer 2021

Summer Is Here and We're So Excited!

There are hundreds of reasons to love summer, and whatever is on your bucket list, we are here to help make this summer a great one for you. Whether it is going to a backyard get-together, taking day trips, longer holidays, even traveling abroad, we are thankful to be able to get out, get together, and get back into the swing of things during this wonderful season. 

From striking silhouettes to new and iconic prints, the Summer 2021 pieces are an ode to strength, beauty, and hope. Read about Patricia's inspirations for Summer 2021. We know you'll be inspired as well. 



The Lookbook has us thinking about some summertime fun, including: 

Enjoying the fun and excitement of being by and in the water, whether it is the pool, the lake, the river, or the ocean. We've already told you about our water-resistant Patina Coated Linen Canvas Collection, but we can't stop raving about it. It is a favorite. And, now we don't even mind getting caught in a downpour. 

Going to food festivals and music festivals. We really missed them last year.  Speaking of music, it is time to update playlists, which is a good reminder to protect phones and AirPods.  

Cheering on our favorite teams. From Little League, to the college World Series, to the Major Leagues, we are back into baseball in a big way. After all, baseball really is America's game, and since carrying large bags into stadiums can be a bother because of security concerns, the Pertina is a great choice for game day. 

Exploring local farmer's markets and supporting local businesses. Grab the Civetta in the optimistic Boho India print or any of our convenient, stylish bags and make a day of it. Bring on the crowds!

So, whether you are taking staycations, traveling to favorite places, or seeking out new locales, we are your destination for bags, luggage, accessories, and groovy new jewelry. 

Need more inspiration and ideas? Check out the 

Summer 2021 video

 and splash into summer with us.