City Guide

Kassandra Ignacio
in San Antonio, TX

Join our City Guide influencer Kassandra Ignacio as she shares her favorite holiday traditions in her hometown of San Antonio, TX.


Kassandra, what is your favorite holiday tradition?

"We wake up to Santa's sacks by the chimney. Just watching my kids light up with joy is so wonderful"


What is your favorite childhood holiday memory?

"New Year's Eve is my favorite memory. my whole family gets together at my grandmother's house. We have a huge mal with all types of Mexican food and there's music, laughs and tons of love."

Calvi Satchel

Calvi Satchel

This Christmas I'm bringing along my Vienna Satchel as we enjoy dinner and a stroll on the Riverwalk. It is amazing quality and I love the neutral tone, it's the perfect accessory to any outfit 


Macy's Exclusive - Vienna Heritage, Biscuit

Macy's Exclusive - Vienna Heritage, Biscuit

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