Hello Again!

The Pisticci is Back

Flashback to a Fashion Forward Bag

The story of Spring/Summer 2022 is about discovery, freedom, and optimism. Whether you are experimenting with new styles and silhouettes or are ready to try a classic, we have you covered with the Pisticci, a bag that throws us back to the boho beauty of 1970s, and one that Patricia introduced to us in 2016. Patricia was inspired by the chain-link bags of that time to create this gorgeous bag that turns heads no matter where and how you carry it. 

But, don't just take it from us. In 2016, when the Pisticci was introduced, our influencers and brand loyalists fell in love instantly and weren't shy about it. 


"Absolutely loving the chain-link leather detailing of the Pisticci bag by @patricianashdesigns 😍 it can be carried several different ways and it's just perfect for this time of year 👌🏼 Head to patricianashdesigns.com to check it out."





This is truly a bag for life, one that you'll love and carry forever, literally forever, and is ideal for handing down. Crafted in signature leather, the Pisticci is completely handmade in a very labor-intensive process with each link intricately woven with the next link. 






While the Pisticci definitely has some hippie vibes, its craftsmanship and modern functionality make it perfect for all your occasions, from festivals to formal events to boardrooms.


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