Patricia's Memories

Multi Charm


Enjoy Patricia's Memories While Making Your Own

Each charm on Patricia's Memories Multi Charm Bracelet has special meaning, representing some of Patricia's fondest recollections. 




The handbag charm showcases her most beloved creations, her outstanding bags. The dog charm commemorates one of her family dogs, a Weimaraner. While Lexie has passed, she is always with Patricia in spirit.  



Happy recollections of spending time with her grandmother in Minnesota, paddling on the lake, are captured in the rowboat. 



To highlight her love of travel, she included an intricately designed globe charm and a TWA jet charm, which is the first airliner she ever flew. She is also enchanted by the romance of train travel, both here in the U.S. on Amtrak and in Europe, and this inspired the creation of the highly detailed train engine charm. 



Patricia feels very blessed that she is able to spend time with her mother, and they especially enjoy gardening. She created the spade charm to honor that time they have together.  



The grape leaf is the brand logo, and Patricia drew it sitting with her husband in a café in Italy. Elegant in its simplicity and its slight imperfections, you'll find it on almost all her designs whether embossed into leathers, on studs, brads, charms, and more. She also included a cloisonné bead, which contains colorful, detailed floral patterns on a blue background.



A freshwater pearl and red bead finish the bracelet, which is made of etched oval links. Because they are made by hand, each charm and link is unique. Easy to wear, perfect for any occasion, Patricia hopes you will make your own special memories while wearing this bracelet that reflects so much of herself.