Patricia's Favorite 

Holiday Traditions

"This holiday season I am so grateful I am surrounded by my babies and grandbabies, my mother and the love of my life."

My mother's classic never disappoints!

One of my favorite things to do after Thanksgiving is put up our decorations and stockings. We have pictures and ornaments from decades ago that are so fun to remember as we take them out of storage each year. I love it when the grand kids can be there and share in the decorating process. Our home almost always has soccer playing on the TV thanks to my husband, and the kids love to snuggle on the couch and cheer on his favorite team (Go Tottenham spurs!) 

I can’t wait for Christmas Eve, a special night we all get to give to each other and see the kids’ faces light up when they open our presents. We have always celebrated this night with Norwegian traditions like smoked fish and oyster stew, mixed with special German traditions from my mother, including breads and cookies. We don’t even sit down for dinner, we snack all night and open presents. It’s the best!

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday with their loved ones and can take a moment to appreciate the gifts we have all been given this year.