Introducing English Rustic Mums in 
Customer-Favorite Patina Coated Linen Canvas

Soon, summer will be in the rear-view mirror, and we will be taking in the beauty of autumn. It is that time of year when nature lets go of the old and begins to anticipate what's next. To celebrate the season, Patricia created the English Rustic Mums print.



What's the story behind this magnificent design? A dress from an English vintage dealer and the allure of fall mums in England influenced Patricia. The palette of vivid colors includes shades of magenta, red, plum, and cognac. As Patricia says, this print looks like a gorgeous painting.  

We are very excited to introduce it in our Patina Coated Linen Canvas, which is truly a superb material. Lightweight, it is water-resistant and easy to clean. As one reviewer says:

The patina fabric is not like traditional canvas; it has a soft texture and it is weather proof. The bag is silky to the touch and not rough.


We are showcasing some of our most iconic pieces and also introducing the new Sibillini Small Trolley and Argentella Large Trolley



While it amplifies the magnificence of autumn in all its glory, this print has the power to transcend seasons. The trim is a rich midnight-blue vintage distressed leather that looks more like a soft black than a blue. 



As always, travel is at the heart of Patricia’s inspirations, and whether you are running errands, taking a long weekend, or finally going on a much-anticipated trip, we feel sure you'll come to depend on these versatile pieces that are also sure to get you noticed.  


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