The Brighten Your 

Day Giveaway

When the world was faced with isolating at home and living in uncertain times, Patricia wanted to brighten everyone's day by sharing personal stories and offering a daily giveaway as long as stores were closed. For 74 days, Patricia and her staff shared personal photos and thoughts about how we were all dealing with quarantine. Through her Brighten Your Day Giveaway, which took place on the Patricia Nash Designs Facebook page, products were given away to lucky winners every day. The goal was to help people from all walks of life connect and share memories from happier times. These are some of those touching stories...




I miss our family get-togethers with all four generations in one place. Our family usually eats pretty well as my son is a chef and he spoils us with his creations. But these cinnamon rolls my mother makes are to die for! And a total shock to the system with all of the butter and sugar that courses through your veins as you take each delicious bite. But so worth it! What do you miss doing with your family?

~ Patricia


I miss preparing a large meal for all of my family. I miss the house being filled with laughter, warmth, and hugs. I miss making memories of a family Easter dinner for my parents, children, and grandchildren. We shall have an enormous feast, which will include each individual’s favorite dish when the social distancing has ended. We will be making up for lost time.
~Robin Bateman-Cameron







Patricia wanted to honor an essential worker who was and is currently going above and beyond to keep us safe, healthy, and as close to normal as possible. Carmen, a loyal supporter, and hard-worker won the contest and received a $150 Patricia Nash digital gift card. 


Carmen's Mother-in-Law wrote "I am nominating my daughter-in-law, Carmen Hicks. She has not only one job on the front lines but two and a husband that is as well! She is an ER nurse part-time and a flight nurse for Air Evac full time. Her husband (my son) is a paramedic and fireman. We are the only family they get to see, and that is only because we watch the grandbaby. They are both so dedicated to their professions. Love your purses, and I know she does too!"

~Lesa West Hicks






This week is the 5th Anniversary of my Dad's passing and I still think about him every day - Dancing with him at family weddings, watching him hang out with my kids and grandkids - He is still the man that my kids and I think about through each life experience we go thru- He will forever be with us - Happy Father's Day, Dad

~ Patricia


I talked with my dad every day...I miss our phone calls. I was lucky to have an amazing dad, he was not my biological father, but he was the man who was always there to love and care for me. ❤️

~Carrie Bushey







Patricia isn't the only member of our team struggling with social and physical distancing so we're including team members in our giveaway posts. Our production manager Natalie wrote: “During quarantine, I've been spending time outside with my cats! I have a new rescue kitten that was very afraid of everything and everyone (even me). This extra time at home has helped me to socialize him and now he's joining us on walks around the neighborhood. Have you ever seen anyone walk a cat in a stroller?”


I have seen kitties in strollers and doggies in strollers being walked. It’s wonderful to see pets being so loved and pampered by their people😘. We have three rescue dogs we love and spoil who have enriched our lives beyond measure. They are part of our family we love very much!

~Deborah Bray