10th Anniversary 

Medallion Coin

Celebrate the Passing of a Milestone With Us


Did you know we celebrated our 10th Anniversary in 2020? As a loyal customer, we feel sure you knew that. But, did you know you can help us commemorate this amazing achievement? 

You can purchase a 10th Anniversory Medallion Coin in our signature antique brass or brushed nickel hardware. Hurry! They are in limited supply. 

It features an easy-to-secure, vintage keychain fastener. Use it as a key fob, or hang it on any of your Patricia Nash accessories; you can even use it as a scarf clasp for your Patricia Nash scarves. 

We plan on racking up the anniversaries and want you to be right there with us, because YOU are the reason we are here. Be sure to celebrate our first 10 years by grabbing the 10th Anniversary Medallion Coin today!

10th Anniversary Medallion Coin - Signature Antique Brass

10th Anniversary Medallion Coin - Signature Brushed Nickel