In Her Words ... Patricia's 2017 Cuban Inspiration

Cuban architecture by David J PoorvuWhat inspired your Spring/Summer 2017 Cuban Collection?

The vivid color and raw artistry of the street artists I saw while on holiday in Cuba. 

What stood out for you about Cuba?

Photo by David J PoorvuHow utterly poverty stricken it is, with buildings quite literally falling apart. The once bright colors of the architecture now faded and dirty. And all of the graffiti everywhere. You can only imagine how glorious it once was. People everywhere selling things they'd made -- with raw, unrefined local materials and simple, non-electric, hand tools. It was like traveling back in time to the 40's and 50's. 

 What did you most want to bring home from Cuba?

Their passion and unfailing attitude no matter the circumstance. Cuba street artist by David J PoorvuTheir continued optimism despite the oppression they face daily. And the pride they feel in the beauty of their artistry and their willingness to share it with outsiders. 

Do you have a favorite print in this collection?

The Cuban Tropical Paradise print captures the essence of the beautiful countryside and brilliant beaches of the island splashed with exotic flowers native to Cuba.

Photo by David J Poorvu What will you remember most about your trip?

The distressed state of everything. But you can also see how beautiful it once was and imagine what it must have been like back in the height of its glory. 

What did you find in Cuba that you had to share with the world?

It has to be my Cuban Carved Collection. I wanted to show the artistry of Cuba with the tropical leaves on raw leather that had so captured the spirit of the people. It was important for me to maintain the authenticity and artistry I'd witnessed, so I traveled to the factories and trained them to recreate the same look and feel. They used a laser to draw the outline of the pattern but then used hand tools just like the Cubans to carve down to the raw leather underneath. 

Paris Satchel Cuban Carved

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Cuba pictures courtesy of David J Poorvu.