Come Along on our Fall Style Road Trip

I love traveling and to me, road trips in the 70s were the best way to travel – where the journey itself became the destination. What resonated with me was the thrill of the open road, of adventuring, zig-zagging across the country with our little teardrop trailer hitched to the back, not a care in the world.

Family road trips like these changed me forever, instilling a wanderlust in me that has stayed with me to this day. While the happy childhood memories have stuck with me all of these years, I’ve moved on to making my own moments to remember on slow train trips through the brilliant European countryside and delicious moonlit dinners by the Mediterranean.

Travel is about dreams, and those childhood dreams and the memories of road trips inspired me to create this fall style collection of eclectic vintage prints, color blocks, suede, fringe, and distressed leathers of ambient reds and neon blues, all reminiscent of the freedom loving fashion of the sixties and seventies. 

Come along with me on our 70s road trip of style!


Elisa Bucket

Caffarelli Drawstring Rovito Crossbody
Jovanna Backpack Granada Crossbody
Positano Saddle Bag Bertino Saddle Bag Positano Saddle BAg